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These three phrases sum up perfectly the LCG Institute of Polytechnic experience fulfilling our mission to prepare men and women of excellence for life in this world. We endeavor to develop each young person into men and women of character. When all is stripped away it is our character which remains. To be of good nature is , to be good of good will, to know our value as the sons and daughters of an all-loving God and to do what we can to improve the lives of others in the community.
Competence comes from a rigorous and relevant academic program. Young men and women of competence will leave our halls to pursue their education further and to one day make their way in private industry, medicine, law, politics, research, ministry, the military and in countless other professional endeavors.LCG provides the opportunity for each student to excel academically, to develop the habits and attitudes that will set them on a course for success for life.
Confidence is developed systematically through successful goal planning and achievement. Confidence stems from both the individual character and competence of each person. When we have a perspective on life that is properly ordered and possess the skills and abilities to navigate the challenges in it, we can then blaze our own trail - achieving, doing what is right, being all who we were intended to be by our creator. Our students depart from LCG Institute of Polytechnic, not with arrogance or with attitude, but with confidence in who they are and where they are going. They are confident because they have been guided and formed in a tradition-rich environment which applauds hard work and pushes each to be his or her very best.
If you are looking for a college where your son or daughter can be exceptional - where he or she can truly blossom into all that our Lord has designed - then you have arrived at the right place. Developing young men and women of character, confidence and competence is our mission, preparing each to lead in this world and to live forever in the next. This is why we exist. This is what motivates us. This is why you will find no other college that will provide a more caring, nurturing and faith-filled environment than LCG Institute of Polytechnic. We guarantee it.
To our experts who are checking in – many many thanks! You will find the opportunity in stewarding the college; on the same line we are embarking on new and bold endeavour to ensure that LCG Institute of Polytechnic continues its legacy as the reliable college in the Zone. Your support of the college through your gifts of time, talent and treasure are appreciated and are always welcome!
We encourage all to stop in, call, write or email. Friends, old and new, will always find a home at LCG Institute of Polytechnic, Suri, Birbhum(W.B).

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